Don’t Get SHOCKED: Electrical Safety

According to the Washington State Patrol, “Electrical fires account for over 26,000 residential fires annually, resulting in 280 deaths and $1 billion in property damage.” Electrical fires are those directly caused by the flow of an electric current or by … Continued

AC Broken? Tips to surviving a hot summer night!

Air Conditioning wasn’t introduced into homes until the 1930’s. How have people been surviving for so many years without heating and cooling systems? Here are some tips and tricks to keep cool if your unit goes down in the summer: … Continued

Zzzz… Finding Your Perfect Sleep Temperature

Having trouble falling asleep or even staying asleep? The answer to a better nights snooze may rest with your thermostat! Research has shown that temperature directly affects how well we slumber. “When you go to sleep, your set point for body … Continued

DIY: How to Change a Ceiling Fixture

Any room can be transformed by the addition of a new lighting fixture. With this step by step guide, even new DIY electricians can have success! Changing a ceiling fixture is a relatively simple electrical task involving only three wires: … Continued

Why Every Household Should Have Water Filtration

Common tap water my look clear and clean, but there could be many harmful contaminates swimming around in your families’ drinking water. Here is why we recommend every household has a water filtration system: Water filtration removes LEAD from your water– … Continued

Are You A Water Waster?

The average American home consumes 136 gallons of water every single day. That’s a lot of water! One drop per second from leaky pipes, faucets, or toilets can add up to 5 gallons of wasted water a day! Being more aware can … Continued

Trade School vs College

Trade school may be a good fit for you; here’s how! What is Trade School? Trade schools, or vocational schools, are institutes that teach skills related to a specific job. Majority of training is hands on, and class sizes are … Continued

Spring Cleaning for Your AC

Spring is here! Along with baseball season and budding flowers comes the fever to deep clean every inch of our homes.  However, by only focusing on the parts of the house we can see, we are missing some important dirty … Continued

Vacuuming and Air Quality: Mistakes We Are Making

Your HVAC system is only one part of a team that should be used to keep your indoor air clean. The air conditioner filters and conditions our air, removing allergens and pollutants, but dust and particles still settle in our … Continued