Yakima Furnace Repair & Service

Campbell & Company offers Lennox and Coleman Systems for both new construction and replacement installation.

Brrr… it’s COLD out! Make sure you have read up on servicing your heat pump to stay warm this winter.

We offer a broad range of equipment efficiencies, indoor air quality products, duct cleaning, warranties and pricing to meet our customer’s needs. Campbell & Company is able to provide all permits, electrical & gas piping installations for its customers making the installation uncomplicated and prompt.

Furnace Repair & Service for Yakima

Features and Benefits

  • Our company offers strong customer service including 24/7 emergency services.
  • We sell only equipment that is of high quality and offers excellent warranties.
  • Campbell & Company currently holds a contractor’s license in the State of Washington, in addition to an Electrical Contractor’s license. The Department of Labor & Industries requires specialized training and testing of employees working with low voltage electricity as well. We assure that each employee stays up-to-date on any required licensing.
  • All city and county permits are handled by Campbell & Company for the customer. We also schedule inspections to help simplify the installation project for our customer.


Residential Heating & Cooling Equipment:


Gas Furnaces

The sound of a standard furnace can be as loud as 100 decibels, comparable to the sound of a kitchen garbage disposal! The furnaces we offer are the quietest you can buy.


Heat Pumps

A new energy efficient heat pump is a good investment, providing years of worry-free heating and cooling and significant savings on your electric bill. (more info…)



A programmable thermostat will automatically operate your heating and cooling system according to your schedule. You wake up warm on a cold winter morning and step into a cool home on a sweltering summer day. (more info…)

Water Heaters

When your family deserves the very best!  Our water heaters deliver the best of everything, designed with maximum energy efficiency and self-cleaning design that saves money every day. Choosing a 10-year warranty Premier water heater, our most efficient residential electric water heater, one of the smartest long-term investments a homeowner can make. (more info…)

“Indoor Air Quality” Devices:

Air Filters

Why should I invest in a high efficiency air filter?
Particulate matter consists of dust, dirt particles, ash, tobacco smoke, and pollen. This is why we all have air filters as part of our central system, to filter out particulate matter. Just how effective is a standard throw-away fiberglass furnace filter? Not very. Practically speaking, these filters only protect the blower compartment from large dust particles, or “bulk dust,” that can clog the equipment. (more info…)

Air Purifiers

What is an Air Purifier and what can it do for me? 
Over 99% of the particles contaminating indoor air can’t be seen without a microscope. Much of this pollution is airborne biological matter. Airborne biological matter includes living organisms, such as molds, mildews, spores, bacteria and viruses, or parts of once-living organism such as pet dander, skin flakes, dust mite droppings and carcasses. (more info…)


What Difference Does a Humidifier Make? 
Humidity also plays a role in indoor air quality (IAQ). There is a significant increase in respiratory infections during dry winter months. Too much humidity increases the presence of fungi and dust mites, and can influence the emission rate of some chemical pollutants, for example, formaldehyde. Too much or too little humidity can increase the presence of bacteria and viruses, and aggravate allergic rhinitis and asthma conditions. (more info…)