Why should I invest in a high efficiency air filter?


Particulate matter consists of dust, dirt particles, ash, tobacco smoke, and pollen. This is why we all have air filters as part of our central system, to filter out particulate matter. Just how effective is a standard throw-away fiberglass furnace filter? Not very. Practically speaking, these filters only protect the blower compartment form large dust particles, or “bulk dust,” that can clog the equipment.


Media filters (made from paper or “fabric”), also called pleated filters, appear solid but actually have plenty of tiny spaces for air to pass right through. Larger particles are strained out the air and smaller particles get jostled around enough that they collide and stick to the fibers.


Why is Clean Air Important? – Read this informative document to find out more about “Indoor Air Quality” or IAQ.


Electronic air cleaners (like the Space-Gard) using the principle that “opposites attract,” charge the particle in the first stage and collect the charged particle in the second stage. Only the very smallest particles can get through these types of high efficiency central system filters.


Honeywell F50 Home Page (www.honeywell.com/yourhome/)


When should I change my air filters?

Standard disposable air filters should be checked monthly for replacement. Space-Gard air filters will last about six months to one year. This will depend on the air that is being filtered.


Electronic air cleaners should be cleaned monthly for maximum efficiency. And remember, air filtration will only take place while the fan is on.