Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat will automatically operate your heating and cooling system according to your schedule. You wake up warm on a cold winter morning and step into a cool home on a sweltering summer day.
Precise temperature control in the form of an energy saving programmable thermostat gives will save energy dollars. 
And it will mean set-it-and-forget-it convenience. Precise control saves wear and tear on high-efficiency equipment by properly cycling the equipment.

What is Automatic Setback?

Automatic setback is a thermostat feature that allows you to lower temperatures at night or when the house isn’t occupied and then warm the house at pre-set times.
If you have a heat pump you should only set back the temperature if you have a thermostat that is specifically designed for setback operation. These thermostats have an emergency heat lockout for setback times. The lockout prevents the more expensive emergency heat from coming on to heat the house back up to temperature in the mornings.

What is intelligent recovery?

Intelligent recovery is a feature that calculates each day when to start the heat pump so your home is comfortable by the time you get up or get home. As outside temperature trends change, the heat pump start time will also change. With intelligent recovery, you save energy for a longer period of time, yet you’re comfortable when you want to be.