What is a Residential Service Partner Plan?

With the ever-increasing energy costs, just making sure your system is cleaned and serviced can help save your energy dollars. It is our strong belief that a thorough and comprehensive maintenance program will pay for itself many times over in repair costs and added longevity of your equipment.


A Heating and Cooling Service Partner Plan (SPP) is preventative maintenance performed on your heating and cooling equipment. SPP customers receive two visits per year, one for heating and one for cooling, where a qualified technician will clean and tune up your system to make sure it is in proper working order for each season.

The Plumbing SPP membership includes an annual check on your pipes and plumbing. Our certified technicians check toilets, washing machine hoses, garbage disposals, dishwasher connections, gas lines, septic pumps, water pressure and temperature, look for leaks, and more.

The Electrical Service Plan is for an annual inspection of your home electrical system. Don’t risk it with DIY electrical work, trust our certified electricians to ensure your safety and comfort.

Chose between either a monthly or annual Service Plan program. You can opt for one plan, or upgrade to Whole Home membership (heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical) to save over $200! As a member, we contact you via telephone, email and/or postcard to schedule your appointments during a time that is convenient for you. Reduced diagnostics are applied once their first SPP visit has been performed.

Residential Service Partner Plan Benefits 

Preferential Scheduling – We schedule Service Partner Plan customers (Discount Customers) before new customers. Should you need emergency service, we schedule you within 72 hours, even if booked out for 2 weeks for a non-discount customer.

Reduced Diagnostic for Emergency Service

10% Discount – 10% discount on parts and 10% discount on labor. This also extends into our Electrical Department, Duct Cleaning division, over-the-counter part sales, and sheetmetal and fabrication division – not just work on your heating & cooling equipment.

Reduction of Breakdowns – Because your system is being cleaned and checked on a regular basis, it will run more efficiently, last longer, and has fewer breakdowns. There are certain parts our trained technicians can see starting to go out that we can replace, before they cause a breakdown requiring emergency service.

Warranty – We have a  full 1 year labor and part warranty on all repairs.